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Removals to Storage – A Great Option For Those Looking For a Place to Store Their Belongings

Removals to Storage Stanford provides secure individual self-storage units on a monthly rental basis – perfect for housing furniture and household goods.

Functional Stanford-owned equipment funded by Sponsors that is no longer needed on an accountable sponsored project should be offered for reuse to other departments through Stanford University Reuse website. For guidance and assistance during this process, the DPA can be reached.


Oak storage service is a fully cost-recovered service and monthly charges are assessed accordingly, with annual rate increases typically 3-3.5%. No matter your temporary storage needs for moving, renovating or travelling – Trunk Logistics team offers cost-effective storage solutions tailored to each unit size as well as climate control or drive up units depending on price.

Modular buildings, trailers and storage containers are generally situated within the container yard on Stock Farm Road or its immediate area. Any unauthorized placement on other parts of campus requires approval by Stanford’s University Architect/Planning Office; more detailed policies pertaining to such facilities can be found at Capital Planning website.

Functional Stanford equipment purchased with unrestricted funds should first be made available for reuse to other departments through Stanford Reuse before being reported as surplus equipment to DPA. This process can be managed through Stanford Reuse.


Stanford information resources must be adequately protected against loss, theft, damage and/or unauthorized access. The University must balance its obligations to safeguard non-public data with its desire to foster its academic culture of open information sharing and preservation.

All devices and media that contain personal health information (PHI) must be encrypted or secured using an approved solution, including encrypted devices that have been taken off campus. Each department or program must create, document, implement and train its workforce on procedures to comply with this policy.

Stanford Whole Disk Encryption service encrypts Moderate and High Risk data on faculty and staff computers, protecting it if the computer is lost or stolen. Furthermore, an automated tool scans file sharing systems for files classified as High Risk data that are then removed public access preventing unintended users from viewing sensitive files even with access passwords; making this tool an essential element in protecting University data.


Are You Searching For Self Storage in Stanford-le-Hope, Essex? Look No Further. Self-Storage facilities in this Essex town provide numerous advantages, from their convenient services and affordable costs, to climate controlled units which help protect belongings from the elements.

Stanford Digital Offerings do not permit posting content that violates intellectual property law unless you own or have written permission to post such material. Stanford will take appropriate action if any material that breaches this term becomes known to them.

On occasion, equipment owned by the University must be moved off campus in support of research or other university business functions. When this occurs, its movement should be documented using an Off-Campus Equipment Verification Worksheet and their locations changed within Oak.

Stanford alumni must restrict their accounts to 15 GB by October 31, 2023 or risk being restricted from adding or editing content until they make room by deleting files or moving them off their accounts.


Protecting property during storage is of utmost importance, especially against corrosion. If an item will be moved off campus for more than 30 days, its DPA must fill out and sign a “Removal of Equipment from Stanford’s Campus” form, changing its location data in the database accordingly. In instances of export control requirements, additional information should be found here on the Export Control website.

If your belongings are damaged or stolen while stored, their insurer will replace or repair them without extra cost to you and pay out their second-hand value compensation with no excess fee to pay!

Self-storage units can be rented on an hourly or daily basis and the monthly rental will depend on whether it is climate controlled or drive up. Some locations provide extended hours of access so you can use your storage unit whenever it suits you best.


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