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The History of the Borough of Thurrock

Thurrock Borough holds an immense history that spans back over 600 years, with many buildings from its rich wool trade history still standing today.

Grays Thurrock is a highly desirable family community and offers easy commutes into London via the c2c line, while boasting excellent local facilities such as Lakeside Shopping Centre.


Thurrock has been home to humans since prehistoric times and since then it has evolved into an historic borough with many old buildings. Additionally, Thurrock is well known for its wool trade which makes living there quite lucrative.

In the 17th century, this area became famous for its chalk and consequently many pits were dug in its West to extract it – some later transformed into nature reserves such as Chafford Gorges.

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Many parts of Thurrock are low lying and thus susceptible to flooding, especially areas such as former chalk pits that were excavated to extract minerals; when no longer productive they became nature reserves such as Chafford Gorges Nature Reserve.

Recent flooding near the Mardyke valley has caused considerable distress to local residents and landowners who live close to its banks, but according to Thurrock Nub News we were able to obtain correspondence from the Environment Agency which stated they have seen no evidence that new development upstream contributed to this flooding issue.

The Wool Trade

Thurrock gained most of its wealth during the 15th Century from wool trading. Producing large amounts of the commodity itself and selling or trading it made Thurrock quite wealthy at this time. This book explores all aspects of this vital industry from sheep farming to garment production as well as international trading patterns associated with it, competition from man-made fibers such as cotton as well as future prospects of this valuable commodity. Copyright 1995 Woodhead Publishing Limited


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Grays Thurrock (often simply known as Grays) offers excellent transport links between London and beyond, boasting both a c2c railway station as well as many shops and restaurants for residents to take advantage of. Lakeside Shopping Centre can also be found nearby as is Chafford Gorges Nature Reserve.

Southend Borough Council operates the Dial-a-Ride service to assist those unable to use public transport on their own, such as elderly and frail individuals with disabilities. Trans-Vol is another community transport charity offering door-to-door transport for those unable to utilize other modes of public transportation.


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